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The Ultimate Red Ball Challenge (Wipeout)
Product No. 9338671003725

The Ultimate Red Ball Challenge (Wipeout)

The Ultimate Red Ball Challenge (Wipeout) The Ultimate Red Ball Challenge (Wipeout) The Ultimate Red Ball Challenge (Wipeout)

Take Part In The World's Largest Extreme Obstacle Course
All the action-packed hilarious challenges are waiting for you - Big Red Balls, Sucker Punch, Sweeper, Dizzy Dummies, Dreadmill and "The Final Round". Make a big splash and put your skills to the test through four exciting rounds. Do you have what it takes to be named "The Ultimate Red Ball Challenge Champion"?

  • All the official rules, obstacles and format of the TV show
  • 4 rounds as on the TV Show - Qualifier, Round Two, Round Three (round to the final 4) and the Round Four (the "Wipeout Zone")
  • All the hilarious obstacles - Big Red Balls, Sucker Punch, Sweeper, Dizzy Dummies, Dreadmill, "Wipeout Zone"
  • A selection of contestants to choose from including the show-off, comedian or aggressor
  • Gameplay focuses on the intuitive use of the Wiimote and Nunchuck controllers
  • Spectacular and dynamic falls!
  • Create your own Wipeout show by selecting your favourite obstacles
  • 3 Modes of Play
  • Solo - beat single-minded contestants and experience the thrill of the show at home!
  • Multiplayer - challenge your friends, trick them and win the Wipeout title! Up to 4 players
  • My WIPEOUT Show - create your own show by picking your favourite obstacles !

Controller Options:
Wii remote & Nunchuk required for each player

Category Nintendo Wii » Family & Party
Publisher Mindscape Software Australia
Developer Smack Down Productions
Australian Release Date 9th December 2009

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